Because cleaning your room isn't about checking a box... it's about saving the world!

Experiencing resistance from your kiddos when it comes to daily household duties?

Chore Boss can help.

We've been stuck inside for over a year due to Covid, cleaning the same spaces, washing the same dishes. Let's transport your kids and you to a different place where rockets careen past black holes and Chorenados bring disarray. Let's defeat the Chore Boss together.

Kids aren't robots. They don't want to do chores, heck I bet you don't want to do chores either. Kids want to run through mazes, play with mom and save the world. Bring some imagination and adventure into the tedium with Chore Boss.

Make working with your kids an adventure rather than a chore. Pick up Chore Boss and elevate your chore’n game.

The Anatomy of the Chore Boss

The Chore Boss tear away poster is an 18-inch wide, 14-inch tall hangable motivational tool with 7 unique illustrations that are included twice for a total of 14 “boss pages”.

Each page of this tear away poster has a unique, captivating illustration to grab a child’s attention and curiosity. Each illustration is in black and white, allowing your child to color it in any way they want as either a reward or to pass the time.  Along with the illustration, an engaging story prompt plus objectives to complete have been added to help parents navigate being an imaginative storyteller. Children become captivated and take part in activities where they see the adults in their lives engaged.  The Chore Boss provides the framework for you to creatively and confidently guide your kids through imagination and motivation, while also getting household chores done.

It's as easy as filling in the blanks

By connecting a chore or task directly to the illustration using the objectives provided to you for each scenerio, children will perceive bringing down their laundry (or any job you choose), not as a chore, but as a quest to complete in order to defeat their Chore Boss.

We're here to help!

You’re not going it alone! Each Chore Boss tear away poster includes an introductory page that shares the anatomy of what each illustration offers.   If you ever feel stuck or uninspired, please reach out through our Contact Us page and we’ll be happy to support you with some tips and suggestions to help get your child(ren) hyped. 

Why the Chore Boss works

Kids become excited and motivated when they see their parent or guardian involved and engaged.  Chore Boss gives you the tools to be engaged in a fun and exciting way that is relatable to a child’s hunger for adventure and play. Along the way, you’ll be laying the foundation for your children to find the fun in any mundane activity and create objectives for themselves… essential life lessons.

This isn't wishful thinking, it's science!

Human beings love games. Massive amounts of research and development money is being spent all over the world on “gamification” for use in motivational, marketing, engagement, and customer retention tools. The Chore Boss takes that same secret weapon that global mega corporations use to induce customers to advocate for their products and puts it at your fingertips for the benefit of your sanity and your child’s development.